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Formula Ford 2000 was conceived in the mid-seventies to provide wings and slicks racing to drivers who wanted to progress from Formula Ford 1600 but could not afford the budget for Formula 3. The cars use the 2 Litre Ford Pinto engine from the Ford Cortina and Escort in spaceframe chassis which are often derived from FF1600 cars. The first championship was run in 1975 and the category grew in popularity very quickly, so that within a few years there were FF2000 championships in the UK, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, the USA and even Italy. Formula 1 drivers such as Ayrton Senna and Martin Brundle had their first exposure to wings and slicks in FF2000 cars but the strength of the formula came from the drivers who prepared their own cars and raced them week after week.

FF2000 cars are robust and easy to maintain by amateur racers, so the Historic FF2000 Association was formed in 2006 to give the many cars still racing a chance to compete together. The Association concentrates on the cars from the early years of the formula – 1975 to 1981 and has grown rapidly since its first race in 2007. FF2000 featured at Phoenix Park during the formula’s heyday and at least one driver on the grid today raced here in FF2000 over 30 years ago.